Vodafone Will Not Charge A Premium for 5G

Monday, Vodafone announced its partnership with telecom mainstay Nokia and that they would begin providing 5G service for all subscribers. The service will be available during the first quarter of 2020 to all customers that own a phone that is 5G-compatible. The kicker is that the 5G service will not cost the customers any extra money. Those that subscribe to Gizmodo in Australia will be given free 5G access. A Vodafone spokesperson confirmed the plans via email and will be the first provider to extend the service to customers in Australia without charging extra for it. Other telecom companies, including Optus and Telstra, have not given concrete details on whether or not they plan to charge extra for 5G service. A statement released by Vodafone delineated a series of different services that are included in their new plan that include 5G radio access and other technical services and software. With Nokia behind them, Vodafone's 5G infrastructure is in full swing, and their new network will soon be up and running.

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