Huawei's P40 flagship phone may launch in 2020 without Google applications

Huawei's alleged iPhone killer is rumored to launch without Google applications in March of next year. In an interview, Huawei's top executive Richard Yu stated that the P40 will launch with its own mobile service (HMS). Huawei Mobile Services is known to be a direct replacement to the popular Google Mobiles Services(GMS). Even though it isn't confirmed, customers can assume that Google's applications won't be part of Huawei's new technology. After all, this isn't the first phone Huawei has released without the popular service used by Android customers. The Chinese company released it's Mate 30 phone without Google services this past September. Customers must also take into consideration the ongoing situation with China and the United States. Since Google is an American company, China has lost access to the Full-fat version of the Android system. Considering the US trade ban, that is likely to be the case going into 2020. Huawei has since reached out to other developers to create applications for their phones. While they are confident they will find suitable replacements, it begs the question if it will be a solid replacement for what Google provided. The Huawei P40 is slated to run on Android 10, but it won't come equipped with anything Google related. This will most likely affect customers who are used to purchasing apps through Google play, have G mail accounts and rely on other core applications. While it might not be much of a consolation, Huawei's executive did mention a possible alternative. Richard Yu mentioned that they are developing an operating system that can replace the Android OS. The system has been named Harmony OS and is expected to be everything the Android OS is and much more. However, the much anticipated operating system has no predetermined release date according to Yu.


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