Hisense to start Building Smart Phones In South Africa

Hisense is working on the plan to start making smartphones in its facility in South Africa. The government agency in charge of Trade and Industry told us that we are a leading brand to think of doing such in South Africa, the General Manager of Hisense, Mr. Youbo Li said. Mr. Li also said it will be a great deal that will benefit both the country and the company if Hisense starts manufacturing mobile devices in South Africa. This is because it will help to create more employment opportunities for the youths of the country and the company can reach and penetrate other African country markets from here. The necessary research and development are ongoing so as to perfect the market capture. The number of Hisense smartphones being sold compared to TVs is quite small at the moment. However, Hisense still leads in TV sales in South Africa at the moment, while also offering different types of innovative fridges to the market. A very large percentage of the company's progressive activities are expected from Africa. Hisense will not relent on its efforts towards improvement, because it sees Africa as a great market for its advancement. The company plan to make South Africa its focal point from where it can capture the rest of Africa.


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