December security patch update for Realme 3 Pro, Realme U1, and Realme 1

Updates do not include any changes to core Android. Updates are currently being released for these three devices and all will Include a UI feature and the latest December Android security patches. While the Realme U1 and 3 Pro will also have bug fixes, and performance enhancements alongside these. Each device will be receiving a new Dark Mode UI feature within these updates and can be enabled in the notification center. Unique to the Realme 3 Pro will be a flash to call feature and a patch for an issue with the camera; while the Realme U1 will have a patch for an issue with WhatsApp running on system-implemented dark mode. The updates are being released periodically to reduce strain on the servers. If you are uncertain to whether you have received your devices update, head to Settings >> About Phone to check your device's current update status and can navigate further to the system updates tab where you will be able to check for, download and install the update if available.


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The top-selling telephones for the second from last quarter of the year, 2019, incorporates a short rundown of top brands. A few of these brands you'll expect – Apple and Samsung have been the greatest cell phone brands for unit deals for many years. Be that as it may, after Apple's iPhone XR,...
Oppo turns off-brand Realme had affirmed in September that it will comprehensively dispatch 5G cell phones before the current year's over and it will likewise be "among the first to dispatch cell phones fueled by Snapdragon 7 Series versatile stage with coordinated 5G." True to that declaration,...

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