2020 might be the year of folding phones

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Several manufacturers are trying to make a unique style phone out there. People are excited about the release of folding phones, but there have been designing issues that have delayed their release. One of those companies that have delayed the folding style phone called the Razr from the release is Motorola. The Razr phone was supposed to go on sale on December 26, 2019, for the price of $1500, but it had problems with the screen detaching from the phone when folded, which obviously can be a problem as it is supposed to be a folding phone. The person who noted the problem of the prototype phone was BBC's Chris Fox. His verdict was that the phone would more likely to appeal as a fashion accessory than an actual main smartphone. Even though $1500 sounds expensive, it is still cheaper than its two main competitors, the Samsung fold has a target price of $1980, and the Huawei Mate X at a target price of $2600. Their competitors have not been without issues as well. Samsung delayed its device in April after the phone's screens broke, and Huawei also had problems, so they delayed their launch of the phone as well. Eventually, Samsung and Huawei release their phone with the Samsung Fold was released in September 2019, and the Huawei Mate X was released in November 2019. These new designs might help the smartphone market as they are a new category, which might help drive more sales as the smartphone market has become stagnant. Even though these three big companies have released their phones, there was a smaller company that already beat them. Royole Corporation released a foldable device called the Flexpai at an event in Beijing in October 2018. The problem with their phone, however, was that there were no apps available for the device for the way it folded, so it did not get raving reviews. The last company, named Xiaomi also showed off its prototype, but an actual product has yet to be released from the Chinese company.


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